Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to search GPO for policy

Its really annoying when you need a specific GPO policy and you can not remember or find it, even you are sure that its exist.
Also sometime you need a policy that talk about (for example: firewall) and you don't know the entire policy name.
These are some of the cases that cause most system administrators hate to work with GPMC as there is no search or filtering in it.
Using Windows 2008 GPMC will allow you to filter and find a specific policy, how. here we go

  1. Open GPMC
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration / User Configuration
  3. Click on Policies
  4. Right Click on Administrative Templates and select Filter Options...

In the Filter Windows, just type the policy you are looking for (I write Firewall) and click OK

Once, you click OK, all the policy that contain the word "Firewall" will show up, for easier view, click on All Settings

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