Sunday, June 24, 2018

Powershell: Test RPC Connection and the RPC higher ports

I had an issue in troubleshooting the RPC connection between two networks.
Services that use RPC will connect to the destination server on port 135 and obtain the list of higher random RPC ports.

The script will connect if used with no parameter to localhost, or can be called using the -Servername parameter and set the computer you want to scan.
You will need to download a tool named PortQry The script will use this tool in the discovery after the script gets the list of services, it will run a test-netconnection on the port and return a True if it was reachable
NOTE: Please make sure that the Portqry.exe is in the following path "C:\PortQryV2\


if (Test-Path "C:\PortQryV2\"){

        $RPCPorts=  C:\PortQryV2\PortQry.exe -e 135 -n $Servername  | findstr "ncacn_ip" | Select-Object -Unique
            if ($RPCPorts.length -eq 0){
                Write-Host "No output, maybe incorrect server name" -ForegroundColor Red
        ForEach ($SinglePort in $RPCPorts){
        $porttocheck=$porttocheck.Remove($porttocheck.Length -1)
        $Result=Test-NetConnection -ComputerName $Servername -Port $porttocheck
        Write-Host "Port health for $Servername on port $porttocheck is " -NoNewline
        Write-Host $Result.TcpTestSucceeded -ForegroundColor Green

        Write-Host $_.Exception.Message -ForegroundColor Red


    Write-Host "PortQry is not found"

The output should look similar to this

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